Yesterday Crewe FC received confirmation from the FA and Cheshire League that our season as been brought to a premature end, with immediate effect.

Like all clubs in the National League Structure from Step 3-7 along with all grassroots teams, it is disappointing news to receive, especially with the current league position of our 1st & Reserve sides. However, we recognise that we are in the middle of an unprecedented situation and that the sole concern should be on keeping as many people safe as we possibly can.

As like other clubs, we are immensely disappointed, and we will never know if this was the most sensible decision, but this is bigger than football.

Although the latest news means that all results and records will be expunged, we do not view the 2019/2020 season to be a waste.

Our First Team have us very excited about what the future will hold. They have spent the majority of the season in and around the top of the table and finish the season standing in second place, with games in hand on all the teams around them.

They have played a fast and exciting brand of football that wouldn’t have looked out of place further up the pyramid, no less so than in the last two games, beating the two teamsclosest to them 2-0 and 5-1 respectively.

It is hugely disappointing that the FA have come to this decision so early and who knows what could have been, but we truly believe that this is the closest the Club would have gone to lifting the CFL title in our 20 year history.

The 2019/20 season also allowed our promising Under 18’s from last season to transition in to mens football with the formation of our Reserve team. We’ve also seen many Crewe FC favourites returning to support their development. They to where enjoying a largely successful campaign, where I am sure they have learnt a lot from the games played.

In regards to our ladies teams and junior set up, every minute played is another opportunity to develop and practice, to make mistakes and learn, and although the record books may forget this season, we are immensely proud of every Crewe FC player, coach, manager, volunteer and spectator for their contributions to the forgotten season.

We have already started implementing plans for next season. We very much hope that we will be able to commence the season on time, and we look forward to welcoming all the players back as soon as we possibly can.

As a club, due to the incredible efforts of our volunteers and our committee, along with the generosity of our sponsors, we are in a stable place financially, which bodes well for the future. I think we will be one of the luckily clubs that comes out of this unscathed financially.

We will be setting the same high demands for our first team, to carry on where we left of this season. That illusive league title will find its way to the Cumberland at some point, we are sure of it.

We will be back & we will be back stronger.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Save Lives.

Steve Parker


Crewe FC