To All Crewe FC Members, Sports Facility Users and Crewe Residents, 

Designated Facility for Crewe FC

 It has been recognised by Sport England through the Playing Pitch Strategy and the FA through the Cheshire FA Football Facilities Plan, that Crewe is short of football pitches within the town, leaving our children with not enough safe and adequate football pitches available to play on and the development of our football clubs severely hampered. 

Over the past few years, Crewe FC have been working tirelessly to remedy this, by trying to develop a dedicated facility for the Football Club that would also include community use, meaning that Crewe would benefit from an up to date, safe, high quality football facility. 

Working with planning consultants we have identified disused land, adjacent to the King George V playing fields as an ideal base for this facility (See image) 

The land identified sits on the derelict, overgrown former tennis courts, close to Queens Park Golf Club, meaning that any potential facility will improve this derelict land and will not impose on the current playing fields, whilst also ensuring that the space is used for engaging and desirable activity, potentially supporting a reduction of anti-social behaviour in and around the playing fields at certain times of the day. 

Access roads to this land are already in place meaning that traffic disruption during a construction is unlikely and access to this facility once complete is manageable as there will be low use of the facility during peak traffic periods. 

The aim is to produce an Artificial Grass Football Pitch, with Changing Rooms etc. to allow children of Crewe access to safe playing facilities. It would also mean relocation for Crewe FC who, at the moment take up a large portion of the booking space at the Cumberland Arena, meaning that this facility would in turn be more readily available for other community users. 

 We would also aim to provide multi-use community space as part of a new facility, including allowing school use during the day. 

We have strived to minimise disruption to all local residents and with modern technology, noise and light pollution would be minimal and would be managed appropriately to ensure no adverse effects on local residents. 

 We would love to hear your thoughts on our plan, this is very much something for the community and we would love your support. 

Please click on the link, to complete the survey and share your thoughts with us.

Kind regards,

Steve Parker


Crewe FC

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